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DUSU elections are occurring, and there are NSUI and ABVP posters all over the city featuring attractive, smiling and usually fair-skinned men and women.

Not having ever taken part in the DUSU elections, I’m not sure how they work. But I assume that (and feel free to educate me) either the various parties choose their candidates based at least partly on their looks, or their pictures on the posters are manipulated rather a lot. Or a combination of the two. It’s possible that everyone in DU who enters into campus politics is just unusually conventionally attractive, but I don’t think we need seriously consider that possibility.

At the national level I can think of five or six reasonably good looking politicians at most.

What I wonder is this – if the candidate’s looks are such a major factor in the DUSU elections, is it different at the national level? If so, why? If not, why don’t we have more attractive politicians? Teach me, O internets.

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  1. Actually, all of them are attractive when they are just starting ( like at DUSU ). But as they grow in politics, they become ugly ( and uglier ). :-)

  2. air brushing.
    there is a studio in north campus that apparently specialises in campaign photos. although, to be fair (and pun seriously intended), the women are all always already (and more bad punnage ;)) in the fair-skinned, straight hair, good bones mould.
    but air-brushing. i insist.

  3. Frankly, I don’t think most of the DUSU candidates are good looking. When the candidates come to campaign in our college, I try to find out whether any of them actually looks worse than he/she does on the posters (mostly, they look a little better).

  4. watched a few minutes of a debate on a hindi news channel on exactly the same issue (at least the one section i watched focussed on that issue). what i could gather was: some of the parties do tend to select good looking candidates (especially girls).

  5. They do do their best to make the candidates look pretty, na? I miss Delhi. :(

    I love the article you’ve linked to. Actually, more than the article, I like the Gilderoy Lockhart title you’ve given it. :)

  6. abhijeet – I fear that your explanation lacks a scientific basis. :)

    pi-pu-xi-xu – Yes, I’d assumed as much. And horror! at “all always already”.

    anirudh – Really? One of the posters I saw yesterday had a man on it who was actually cute! In general though, I think we’re supposed to assume good-looking from “fair and smiley”.

    kuffir – But if that’s true, why aren’t the parties doing this nationally?

    sumedha – If you’re missing DUSU elections you must be homesick!
    And yes, the article was sent to me by Aadisht and I simply had to give it the Lockhart title. :)

  7. Was bloghopping and landed here, Well To be honest, Its all mainly goes by looks, then how far can one speak, the so-called eloquent public appeal. And In my university(UoH). I saw the posters of the winners of the election, If i’m not wrong, the winner is a candidate of ABVP…

    Good thoughtful post…

  8. aishwarya – Yeah it does. It was a comment on a lighter note :). On a serious note, I believe every product is launched keeping in mind the market for it.

    DU guys and girls would kill for good looking chicks and chaps respectively. You might argue that DU students aren’t that kind and are educated, intelligent etc etc…but the truth is that overall it’s a gullible lot driven by raging hormones. Hence most of them might just vote for that hot chick without realizing the importance of their vote.

    On the other hand, on the national level, scene is different. People who actually vote aren’t the ones sitting in AC rooms and watching DUSU elections on NDTV. They are the ones who live in villages, mostly comprise the lower middle class and the poor section and are as gullible as the DU students…except the fact that their gullibility is driven not by their hormones but by various other factors. They would go for someone who knows how to speak and convince them and also relate to them effectively. Parties know this fact very well and hence prefer such qualities in a candidate over his or her external beauty. Yes, 3 or 4 netas are good looking and they are a perfect example of beauty with brains which is scarce in our nation. :-)

  9. Back when I was in those parts, the candidate with the most won- most muscle, most goons, most money, most posters all over the campus (and elsewhere), most political support, etc.

    As for the looks, there usually was little to choose from among ABVP or NSUI guys/gals while SFI tended to have the best looking chick-nahi-chingari types!

    OK, may be a wee bit of bias in there (we have been called ‘pink’ in our youth) :P

    Reading this post gets me all nostalsick ;)

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