Oddly enough…

Every “No Parking” sign I’ve seen so far in Dublin has been subtly altered to read “No Barking”.

I haven’t been posting this week because I’ve been busy moving to Dublin. It is an excellent city.

In the intervening time people have been visiting my blog having searched for:

little boys dhotis and kameez
show photos of men clad in dhoti between the legs
does aishwarya shave her g-spot
waist size japanese teenagers
anil kumble shirtless
what is it like being a hindu

I’m sorry I could not help them.

4 Comments to “Oddly enough…”

  1. Hope you’re settling in well! :)

  2. Lol!
    I’m sure you can help me though..
    how did you find out which google search leads to your blog?

    I came across this blog ages back, and have been reading since.. may have commented before, but I can’t really recall. Nice writing!

  3. oh, sitemeter rocks so far as giving you arbit fundaes about the search strings for your blog is concerned. Believe it or not, I’m google page rank 1 for ‘lubdubi’, and page rank 2 for ‘Kodhi’ (as of 30th September 2008).

    Good luck in Dublin, and hope Madman pays you a surprise visit there too!

  4. Debs – I’m doing okay so far, thanks! And I’ll be in England quite a bit over the coming year, I hope.

    Vedang – As Hari said, sitemeter is useful for this sort of thing. As is statcounter. There are quite a few similar sites out there, and it’s very easy to play with.

    Hari – Thanks! If you are willing to encourage (and help fund) surprise visits by Aadisht he and I will both be very grateful to you. ;)

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