Contains Language

It is banned books week once more. And reading that link, it’s hard to forget that I live in a country where books actually are banned, and where people feel justified in committing acts of vandalism and violence if they aren’t. We need a banned books week a lot more than most countries.

4 Comments to “Contains Language”

  1. So they do that in Ireland, too?

    Celts these days.

  2. Things has to be in a different way…

  3. Its interesting to note of a Banned Book Week!

    In Singapore, we try to encourage all to read, and last time we do have reading week organized by the National Library Board to embrace reading!

  4. Ros – Boo. I haven’t started “living” in Ireland yet.

    Bharath – How do you mean?

    Man of ideas – Er. Thanks. That’s good to know.

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