What I’m listening to

…because Natalia wanted to know.
In no particular order,
Hold On, Hold On by Neko Case. This was the first song by her that I ever heard and I’m not sure if that’s partly why I like it so much.
Valerie by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse. I suspect that I overplayed this in Calcutta and poor Supriya will wince when she sees it.
Closing Time by Leonard Cohen. Staple.
Heer by Sukhwinder Singh. A few years ago Sandeep Chowta released an album titled Mitti with a number of different singers on it. I don’t think I ever heard the whole album, but the few songs I did hear were really good. This was one of them. I’m now looking for the whole album. Chowta then went on to make the Mallika I Hate You song, for which he will be punished by vengeful gods.
Truce by The Dresden Dolls.
Death Song by Sigur Ros. This is something of a comfort song for me.
Succexy by Metric. I don’t know. The video is amusing.

And (a bonus song!) since last night when a friend made me think of it, the Kabhi Kabhi Aditi song from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. It makes me happy.
I tag Nobody.

5 Comments to “What I’m listening to”

  1. Leonard Cohen would like to register his indignation at having been reduced to a staple. Although, really, knowing his religious affiliations, that is the only sort of gun he has probably been in contact with in quite a while.

    All of ( ) is one long comfort song for me, especially in winter. I do wish they had not made their last two studio albums, for some reason. ‘Agaetys Byrjun’ cannot so easily be bested!

    I approve of Sukhwinder Singh. He has a tingle-inducing voice.

  2. I love Truce. It is one of those things I loop over and over. My current MSN name is ‘I am an accident waiting to happen’. It is my Insomnia Fairy’s favourite song.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that the Zutons original version of Valerie is vastly superior to the Ronson/Winehouse version?

    Of course, I heard it first, which is probably the reason (also: the guitars). Same goes for Pulp Vs Shatner on Common People.

    I guess I just prefer britpop and rock in general.

  4. FSR – Agreed on all points. Though I’m sure Cohen wouldn’t mind being a staple if it was made clear that he still fills me with awe everytime.

    Thene – You are a Dresden Dolls fan. Of course you would be. :)
    (p.s. I have MSN too.)

    Vishal – Yep, I suspect that’s just you. Also, where’ve you been?

  5. I have been on a low cycle. Happens once every few years where I just shut down and reorient myself. It didn’t help that there was work, bureaucracy and other shenanigans IRL to deal with. Nothing serious, but no energy left for blogging.

    Will elaborate on journal, but meanwhile I’m doing another Comic Konga next month.

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