Projectile Faeces

When I wrote about bonnacons last week (click on the column on the left or go here* or email me for funnier, unedited version) I was sad not to be able to include these picures from bestiaries of medieval knights looking most indignant as they are shat upon. One sees their point.
(from here)
(from here)

(from here)
*That link will only work for a week, I’m afraid.

5 Comments to “Projectile Faeces”

  1. that b/w sketch makes you look like you are pouting heavily or sucking hard on a sherbet lemon. which is it?
    mail, mail, mail. uncensored stuff is always welcome.

  2. Brava! I never got around to finishing my dainty ladylike embroidered handkerchief with the projectile-defecating bonnacon, but you have inspired me anew.

  3. Anannya – Neither. You’ve seen the original picture (in which I actually look quite fetching). Mail will happen.

    FSR – I want.

  4. Hey I read that article in the Indian express…didn’t realize it is you!

  5. Gammafunction – *grin*. It was me alright!

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