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May 6, 2008

The Socks of Fortitude

Aadisht posted many months ago about the discrimination faced by adult fans of superheroes in the underwear drawer department. Careful research has shown us that this is true of socks as well. While a small female person can walk/be carried into a shop and find herself swamped in adorable Powerpuff Girls ankle socks, an adult female (and presumably an adult male) does not have this option. It seems they simply do not exist.

It is ridiculous. All over the internet I see anguished posts by mommybloggers who wish to protect their children from ugly rampant capitalism by not buying them clothing with corporatised cartoon characters on them. Whereas those of us who are fully immersed in it and wish to advertise this (such as, for example, Powerpuff Girls fans in their 20s with size eight feet) are not given the opportunity to do so.

The clothing industry, I conclude, is made of Fail.