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November 12, 2005

Something rather wonderful.

A few months ago I posted a book meme here. One of the questions was something like “which book changed your life?” and I chose Bashful the Clumsy Bear by Pat Posner because it’s the book I learned to read from, and you can see what that led to. Pat Posner found that post and I got an email from her today. I’m not sure I can make anyone understand what a big deal this is to me…but consider how much words have meant to me, and the fact that this is the woman who started it all. And the fact that I ran through the house screaming and giggling. (Those of you who have met me know I never scream and giggle. Okay, giggle. But not scream. Not much, anyway. Er.)

If my bedroom wasn’t being renovated, making it really hard to type (I’m having to write this leaning over my headboard and it’s rather painful) and making it necessary to put all my books away, I’d take a picture of the book and post it, it is much cellotaped, and slightly crayoned (the most cuddled book in the world, though) but it’s my first, and it’s on my shelf, and Pat Posner knows of my existance!