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November 2, 2005

Smoke and Ciggies

I realise I whine about fireworks far too much. Part of this is because my colony is circular and things tend to reverberate. Plus Sab, who would not eat a piece of mysorepak yesterday from the fear.
A couple of things, though. It’s mostly the men who do it…the women stay on the sidelines and screech happily. Is this a continuation of the whole “my penis is bigger than yours” thing?
Two, if smoking is to be banned in films, ads, etc, why shouldn’t fireworks be? They’re dangerous, they pollute, and they’re loud! I would seriously rather my entire neighbourhood smoked.
Three (and this is nothing to do with bangs, just diwali in general) my house is the only one in my neighbourhood that used diyas and candles. Lots of strings of multicoloured bulbs…diyas are a part of our tradition that can be ignored, apparently. Crackerbursting is not. *rolls eyes*. Why not just say you think causing noise and air pollution is empowering, don’t give me that crap about “tradition” and “this is how we’ve always celebrated!”. Hypocrites.